Student life is hard?

You are the future!

Not enough sleep?
Exam stress?
Will you get a job?
And what about money...
Being a student is not fun...

But it is the most important period of your life,
because you are building your future self.
Ok cool but,
what is waemee
going to do?

Well, first...

Every week:
extra cash
to a student!
That's our first message to say 'we care about you', and to bring a bit more fun.

It is very easy, each week you can win or help your friends to finish 1st in the contest, and get some cash.
[ exclusive gifts, and private deals coming soon! ]
The earlier you join:
the more chance to win!
When society is evolving super fast, but studies not guarantee you a job anymore.



Join the
Society has changed, work career should too.

Every winner get a chance to join the Influencer Academy program, and to become an influencer trainee.

We are bringing new tools to help you to become an influencers, be seen, and opening new career opportunities directly on waemee.

Dare to dream of your future, become who you want to be.

And then...

Always better with friends!

Your groups,
your pods!

On waemee, groups are build for you, around your friends, and what you like.

Join your university pods, find your friends, meet new ones, or create your own pod!
Private access for each university!
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and they will be the saviors of the planet.