Community guidelines

WaeMee is a social network, subscription, crowdfunding, pay-to-view and chat messaging website, webapp and application service that allows users to create, publish and potentially earn money from their exclusive content creation (photos, videos, text, sound and livestream), designed to reward those who create engaging content, whilst also allowing you to create and establish a closer relationship with your favourite creators, idols, artists, stars and social media influencers.

We have designed these guidelines to establish some ground rules which will keep all users to be in a safe environment. We take these rules very seriously, and not following these could result in your account being reported, striked and/or terminated.

We intend to keep WaeMee as a very independent platform, with very few guidelines to assure a free to speech environment, meanwhile we have to impose some rules to keep a pleasant and safe environment.

Keep in mind that however, even if we suppose ourselves as a platform of free will, we need to respect laws from each country where you are living, so do you.



Do not use WaeMee to show any illegal activity. Keep in mind that terms such as legal and illegal can vary by countries, always stay under and respect your government and country’s laws. Be aware of what your country allows you to do or not: Ignorance of the law is no excuse.



Invasions of Privacy

Do not publish picture, video, sound, text or any other recorded content of people without their knowledge and consent.




Never threaten to harm a person, group of people, or their property.

Intimidating people is never okay. Always keep a correct and polite language.




Respect each other is the best way to keep good relations and to always stay in a positive state of mind and environment, for you, for the people you are talking to/with and for everyone that is around you and watching you. As the Golden Rule says: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What is hateful to you, to your fellow don’t do.



Don't take screenshots of other people's content (exclusive content and public content). Do not take pictures of the screen with a second device.




Don't promote any other website, webapp, application or service offering a social network, subscription, crowdfunding, pay-to-view and chat messaging, in messages, in your bio, in caption and/or in medias (photo, video, sound, text, live stream). External website promotion for the purposes of financial gain is also not permitted.

Meanwhile we we want to give you some freedom to promote whatever other business you are running, managing or working in.

What it means? To make it clear, we want to give you free actions to promote whatever you want, but of course, we can not let you promote something that would be in direct competition with our services (for obvious reasons, right?).

If you are not sure if you can promote something or not, just ask yourself this simple question: “Is it, in a way or another, competing with WaeMee’ services?”. If the answer is yes, give up. If you still confused, you can contact us directly






This sentence is quite clear, but we will explain a bit our motivation:

We are a 13+ website, webapp, application, which means that minors above 13 years of age can have access and view your content. Also it is not because our service are not accessible to minors under 13, that it means kids under 13 years old of age will surely not, in one way or another, access to our platform. And yes, at 13 years old, they are still considers as kids. No one wants for his own kids to be able to watch porn when they too young, right?


In addition, in many countries porn is illegal and WaeMee is an online service that can be used worldwide.


NSFW or nude content is also prohibited on WaeMee, including both, public and exclusive content.


We do not allow minor under 13 years of age to be user of WaeMee website, webapp, application, and services, both as user (viewer) and as creator (creating and posting content). If you are a minor under 13 years of age and try to register into our services, please be aware that you have to accept our terms of service to access WaeMee, which implies claiming to be 13+, that would make you do an illegal action. If our administrators have a doubt about the veracity of a user’s age, they will block the user’s account and ask for a proof that the user is above 13 years old. There may be severe legal consequences for submitting false informations.


As well, please do not implies minors in your medias, photos, videos, text, sound and live stream in both public and exclusive content. We take this point very seriously.



Exclusive Content

For Users:

Exclusive content, picture, video, text, sound, live stream are the best way to support content creators’ career and evolution. Help them to reach their goals and become successful by acquire, support or subscribe to exclusive content. Exclusive content is by definition exclusive (yay ^^), and it is viewable only by those who pay for it, who received it by message or by subscription.


If you are using WaeMee as a Content Creator:

We advise you to publish “real” exclusive content on our platform, to assure that people will follow you and subscribe to you for a valuable reason. Of course, if people can find the same content somewhere else, what would be the point for them to keep in touch with you, to support you and subscribe to your profile?

Providing real exclusive content will make your followers and subscribers to stick with you, longer than if you tried to trick them.

It will also enhance your creativity, creativity is beautiful and it is the beginning of your enlightenment.


Certainly, you can still use WaeMee without uploading exclusive content, just as a subscription platform.


Also, keep always in mind that if it is not allowed to record, download or take a screenshot of both public and exclusive content, however, technologies cannot stop someone to simply use another device to take a picture or record a video. So, always ask yourself: are you comfortable with what you are publishing? If you express personal opinion, talk, situation or some element of your privacy or personal life, how will you feel with it, if you could see it on another platform?

Of course, we encourage you to contact us directly if the case happen we will make our best to solve this problem rapidly.



Harassment or bullying

Do not make people feel bad on purpose. Harassing or bullying someone is an act of cowardice, our moderators and the community have the last word, and they tend not to love cowards so much.

If someone blocks you, it is not okay to contact them from another account.



Violence is not accepted in any form: talk, show, act, production and promotion are not allowed.




Don't pretend to be someone you are not, including celebrities, brands or other organisations.

Don’t use (upload) copyrighted content if you do not own the rights yourself.

If you violate these rules, we may remove the offending content or terminate your account directly. If your account is terminated you will forfeit the right to any revenue earned and will not be allowed to use WaeMee again.




Our admins regularly check content and get notified from other users by reports, from content and account.

We can’t review all content and account everyday, but be sure that when you do something wrong, we will know it very fast, as our core users are very implicated into WaeMee and will notify us if they think or feel something is wrong.

Other basic users have also the ability to report your content, account or behavior, if we receive frequent notifications about the suitability of your content we may remove your account directly.



These are basic and obvious rules, but we trust in you. When you do something wrong, your internal voice is talking to you and we believe in our free will.

And don’t worry, if you have done something wrong and you really did not do it on purpose, we always can find solution together, as humans 😉

If you have any questions or want to talk with us, don’t hesitate to contact us: